Red Star
Red Star
Sister Of The Stars



Metaphysician - Soul Teacher

20 Years Healing / Counselling Experience

"You are here to become more of who you really are"

"Conversations with God" by Neale Alex Walsch - Book 1

Training, Qualifications & Experience

UK College Hypnotherapy & Counselling
National Federation of Spiritual Healers
Aromatherapy - Purple Flame School
Reiki - 2nd Degree
Member of Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy
Herbal Medicine - one year with MINH
20 years spent on Personal Growth
(Groups / Counselling / Personal Study)

Books written include "Woman Alone" (complete 100,000 words) and "How to understand your birth chart"


"Have you ever had one of those times when you felt stuck, in need of someone to talk to and lend a helping hand?  I'm here to share your journey to help you find your way"

"I have a certain frequency which will uplift and heal those who connect with me"
Bethan E Summers

As e-mail attachments, postal, personal or by telephone


Clients may be referred if necessary.
No personal responsibility is taken for possible resulting tears!
(though support is available upon request).
Time is valuable and a charge will be made for phone consultations
(not after 9pm) and by appointment.