Red Star
Red Star
Sister Of The Stars

I work with the Inner Plane Healing Masters. Many years healing experience have helped me to formulate my own particular method which includes Reiki, Crystals, Chakra Balance, Auric Cleanse and sometimes removal of unwanted thoughtforms.

It is also possible to clear out a room or house of undesirable energy and to teach the method of cleansing.

To teach you also how to heal yourself.


This is a way of life (a word often linked with North American Indians) which incorporates many aspects of healing.

A Shaman has to have learnt about herbal remedies, dream interpretation and many other pathways leading to wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Earth energy is particularly important at this time.

I teach how to tune into that powerful essence, to observe nature's healing tools and to use them to bring harmony to your soul and life.

Soul recall - bring in 'lost' parts of yourself


Clients may be referred if necessary.
No personal responsibility is taken for possible resulting tears!
(though support is available upon request).
Time is valuable and a charge will be made for phone consultations
(not after 9pm) and by appointment.