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Red Star
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Self-published booklet "How to Understand your Birthchart"
Free with first birth chart.
Otherwise 3.00 by email or post

20 Years Experience of Astrological Counselling
Personally Prepared Intuitive

Computerised Chart

Personality, Soul Reading
(approx 8 pages + transits & progressions)

North American Indian Medicine Card Readings
Medicine Totems / Power Animals (if requested)
Zodiac Signs

Soul Astrology - Numerology

Is a means where I am able to tune into the planetary energies in the natal birth chart to assist me in untangling any knots and re-direct the energy flow. There is no such thing as a 'bad' aspect or planet - all is for our evolution and to learn about ourselves and others.

Soul Astrology includes guidance on health matters, homeopathy and dietary advice, relationships.

In order for an accurate astrology reading to be done, the following information is needed:

Birth Date
Place of Birth
Time of Birth (if possible)

I charge reasonable fees and I work with integrity and honesty:

Chart and 8-10 page interpretation:     
One to one consultation (with tape):    Updates and Synestry:                           
Postal Teaching Course


"How to Understand your Birthchart"
Available by post or email. 3.00


Clients may be referred if necessary.
No personal responsibility is taken for possible resulting tears!
(though support is available upon request).
Time is valuable and a charge will be made for phone consultations
(not after 9pm) and by appointment.